Episode 49: Battle of the Bastards

Mereen explodes in dragon fire. Daenerys welcomes the Greyjoys. Davos learns the truth. The bastards battle in The North. Rickon’s heart is broken. Wun Wun rams the door. Ramsay goes to the doghouse. Sansa smiles.

Episode 48: No One

The Hound goes hunting. Jaime and Brienne reunite. The Blackfish resists. Edmure gives up. Tyrion’s truce is in trouble. Tommen changes the rules. Cersei is stunned. Arya terminates The Waif.

Feedback Post: S06 Episode 8 – ‘No One’

Please submit feedback here after Season 6 Episode 8 – ‘No One’ has aired and we’ll be glad to share it in our midweek podcast. While Jaime weighs his options, Cersei answers a request. Tyrion’s plans bear fruit….

Episode 47: The Broken Man

Jon, Sansa, and Ser Davos seek help in The North. The Queen of Thorns goes home. Yara and Theon make a pit stop en route to Meereen. Arya drips water and blood. The Kingslayer confronts The Blackfish. The…

Episode 46: Blood Of My Blood

Bran and Meera meet a helping hand. Sam and Gilly share an unhappy meal. Arya chooses to be someone. Walder Frey loses control. Tommen and Margaery unite crown and faith. The High Sparrow wins. Jaime heads to The…

Episode 45: The Door

Arya goes to the theater. Yara loses the Kingsmoot. Sansa takes down Littlefinger and lies to Jon. Daenerys sends Jorah on a quest. Tyrion and Varys meet a new priestess. Bran makes a mistake. The…