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One comment on “APoC 2016 Announcement

  1. Sorry typos on my part…

    Please reference this post instead (It’s Arya not Sansa that get’s thrown in the street and it’s not ‘discuss’ it’s the red priestess using the Lord of light to ‘disguise’ herself. I added comments too:
    Some story points really only have one place to go; like Ser Alliser outing himself and the council as Jon Snow’s executioners. It was a bit too Julius Caesar for my tastes though. It’s hard to tell if Jon’s supports in front of Ser Alliser would rise up against his defiance. It doesn’t look that way; leaving a sharp focus on the small group of black brothers orbiting now around Dolorous Edd and the Onion Knight.

    Theon and Sansa being chased by dogs and being rescued was a bit predictable.

    I guess Arya was tossed out onto the street by the faceless men to beg for food. I suppose the staff fight means they really didn’t and she’s being given a second chance to train and change her vengeful ways. (as you guys predicted in your trailer review.)

    The Good:

    * Cersei’s reactions and scenes with Jaime were so real. Lena Headey gives enormous amounts of emotional depth to Cersei’s character. She floated me through this episode.

    * Tyene and Ellaria staging a coup over Doran and his guard was a nice twist. Does that mean Ellaria now
    rules Dorn?

    The Bad:

    * I loved the Dothraki dialog; however the outcome to the buildup was a bit comfy chair (Monty Python). Banished to the Vaes Dothrak with the other widows? Dany wasn’t exactly wailing in sorrow over this; beheading sounded a bit more sinister and threatening…

    * Daario Naharis went looking for Dany along Jorah Mormont alone leaving a large force of Unsullied and Second Sounds under Tyrion’s watch. How does the whole Naval fleet get burned down without either large groups of troops knowing about it or trying to stop it?

    * How did Obara and Nymeria get on the boat when they were on the dock with Ellaria and Prince Doran? That didn’t make any sense. What would have made sense is if they originally introduced two more other Sand Snakes of Prince Oberyn (since he has eight daughters) and those hide on the boat and pop out. That was just sloppy writing and dragged down my score big time.

    * The Queen doesn’t understand why she’s being held and I am losing interest in this story line (as to lying about knowledge of her brother’s infidelities) and it’s clear it’s design is to get Tommen to grow enough balls to have a confrontation with the Sparrow.


    * Is Melissandre naturally very old and just uses the her Power through the Lord of the Light to disguise her age? If she is using the Power of the Lord of Light to prolong her life; why take off her necklace? Wouldn’t you want to wear it bed so you won’t die in your sleep? Has she served any Targaryens in the past (like the mad king?)

    * I believe Edd went looking for Mel to possibly to use some powers against Ser Alliser and his crew. Ser Davos mentioned her powers; does she have the power of resurrection like Thoros of Myr? How the heck is Mel going to get them out of that standoff?

    * Where will Brienne take Sansa to protect her from the Boltons? I am guessing House Umber would be the closest place where Rickon is right?

    * Does Ellaria Sands now rule Dorn or her eldest Daughter?

    * Is Ramsay Bolton going to murder Lord Bolton and his wife to secure Winterfell since Sansa is gone?

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