A special treat for you today! A preview episode of Radio Westworld, a podcast dedicated to HBO’s new sci-fi series. Co-hosted by Roberto Suarez and John Whitford, Radio Westworld will be a weekly recap and review of each episode of this new series, which is shaping up to become HBO’s next big hit. In this episode recorded before the series premiere, John and Roberto discuss the origins of Westworld and the themes we expect to see covered in this latest iteration.

This and future episodes will be hosted at radiowestworld.com once the website launches later this week, and will be available through iTunes and other podcasting platforms. As always we appreciate your feedback! Please send your emails and audio clips to radiowestworld@gmail.com.

Thank you!

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One comment on “Radio Westworld Preview

  1. Hey Roberto and John!

    Great to hear the both of you back together again. I loved the podcast.
    I was about six when the movie came out and boy, did that movie give me nightmares of the relentless Yule Brenner in black with his stone cold eyes and relentless pursuit chasing me and the ‘Maska-tron’ six million dollar flavor to the special FX.

    The series first episode I found wonderful at blurring the lines between human and replicant much like Blade Runner. The madame waking up from her nightmare in the repair room was pretty cool. I hope you are both right about showing participants/guests reentering into society through a detoxification process. That would be very interesting and parallel our own world efforts into converting excons into regular citizens again (maybe like a bizarre half way house of some kind.)

    Who will lead the charge against the corporation demanding the machines be turned off? (Or is that too tropic?)

    Perhaps it’s one of the creators (Anthony Hopkins) who leads the revolt in his strive for perfection against those with more hedonistic aspirations?

    I look forward to tuning in to hear your comments and guesses about where the puck is going.

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