A Pod of Casts
A Pod of Casts
Episode 45: The Door

Arya goes to the theater. Yara loses the Kingsmoot. Sansa takes down Littlefinger and lies to Jon. Daenerys sends Jorah on a quest. Tyrion and Varys meet a new priestess. Bran makes a mistake. The White Walkers attack. Hodor holds the door.


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2 comments on “Episode 45: The Door

  1. Excellent, thorough, funny and detailed podcast!

    Excellent Podcast and very thorough with coverage!

    Maybe Jorah comes back as the Thing! 🙂

    Could you imagine if Sansa was short sighted enough to go to Moat Cailin and then Little Finger turns on her and kills the Wildlings and turns Sansa over to Ramsay Bolton?

    I love it ‘Drowning and Crowning’ nicely done!

    You had me rolling with the Braavosi Theatre/ Iron Isles sex position.

    I agree with Abe about changing time and time travel. I don’t think you can in this world.

    I believe two things establish that:

    1. Hodor
    2. Three eyed Raven’s comment that the ‘ink is already dry’ on the past.

    Hodor is the embodiment I think of that example.

    All the while Hodor was in the present, he was a simpleton effected by something in the past that made him that way. That event already happened and the only thing that was revealed to us was the past while something was occurring in the present to cause it. That means to me that not only is the ink dried on the past, but also the present and the future. If we look at the characters by believing that, then the only thing that is not known by these characters as we travel with them in their present time is the fact that they will do the things that they will do in the future. That’s why when we travel back to the past with Bran in this episode it appears he is changing the past by doing things in the future.

    I suppose an interpretation of Hodor’s final moments could be that Bran warged Wyllis into adult Hodor and that Wyllis was holding the door in the present and that as he was dying Bran warged out of Hodor and sent what remained of Wyllis back to the past that became the young Hodor.

    Or it’s a double warg short circuit that you guys were talking about. Warging into present Hodor while in the past with the same character caused a warg into Wyllis simultaneously which opened up a *door* into the present. This caused Wyllis not only to hear Meera but also fry his brain at the same time.
    I would love to get more clarity on what happened from the show runners.

    Great observation Abe that didn’t click with me about Arya. She still is Arya since she got upset at the Farce over the depictions of Ned. So if Arya doesn’t carry out the kill will she just drop dead since she already drank the poison?

    The Lord of Light followers also mention the Lord of Darkness. Is that the Night’s King?

    If Maester Lleweyn forged a Valerian Steel link wouldn’t he know how to forge Valerian steel? I suppose reforging the steel from a sword into something else doesn’t require magic or does it?

    Do you guys think Little Finger will ever underestimate Sansa again?

    Blondie!! Awesome!

    Great observations and interpretations on Hodor’s final moments.

    Perhaps Katrina is talking about the Red Priestess (Kinvara) with the Fire messaging?

    • Dany and Jon's offspring as the one that is promised wow!

      Wow, Roberto!

      You blew the top of my head off with your theory about Jon and Dany having the baby that is the one that was promised! They would have to do a time jump of like 15 or 20 years from present though to have the White Walker Dragons battle. There would be your third Dragon rider though. Dany, Jon and their child! 🙂