A Pod of Casts
A Pod of Casts
Episode 47: The Broken Man

Jon, Sansa, and Ser Davos seek help in The North. The Queen of Thorns goes home. Yara and Theon make a pit stop en route to Meereen. Arya drips water and blood. The Kingslayer confronts The Blackfish. The Hound returns.


This week’s art was provided by Night’s King! Follow him on Twitter @WightsKing and check out his collection of GoT digital art!

Listen below to Septon Meribald’s speech performed by Valkyrist!

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One comment on “Episode 47: The Broken Man

  1. Excellent Podcast!

    Excellent Podcast! The thing I love about you guys is how to the point you guys get with all the events in the episode with the summary, comments, analysis and theories and how you bounce off of our thoughts; your humor and synergy.

    It’s well thought out; put together; insightful and gets you thinking.
    Abe brings a wonderful analysis from a book perspective to bring out what is there and what isn’t there in the show. (I loved the speech of the Broken Man. I did not get that anti-war book message from this TV episode. I got more of message of revenge against those who killed others who were trying to help others.) This becomes very interesting to me (show only GOT lover) when everyone’s opinions about the show dovetail with his insight.
    Roberto’s theories really get you to think about the whole episode and the show as a vehicle in the context of the show we are discussing. When the both of you go back and forth (especially with us) it gives all the possibilities and fleshes out perspectives on characters, the storylines and Martin’s themes.

    I think Little Finger knew Sansa would eventually be asking for his assistance (or perhaps she’s clever enough to ask Lord Royce herself). That being said, I think he would default to Robin and Little Finger for offering up the troops of the Vale (especially with what Little Finger has on Royce with what happened with Sansa, although it’s not true.)

    • The question becomes who will Little Finger side with? The Boltons or Starks? I honestly think he will help the Starks because they have more pull in the North than the Boltons.

    • Also if the Vale troops are at Moat Cailin in the Neck that’s a pretty narrow small area for an encampment for the North’s largest standing army isn’t it? How come there has been no talk about that from the Freys or the Lannisters or spies for them?

    I thought about any instance where the Lannisters might help the Starks against the Boltons. The only way that would happen is if Jaime knew that Little Finger was behind the death of his son Joffrey. The only way Ser Jaime would know that would be from Sansa. He might trust Sansa since he ordered Lady Brienne to find and protect her. That would also spell the eventual end for the Tyrells. However, Little Finger would fall first.