A Pod of Casts
A Pod of Casts
Episode 48: No One

The Hound goes hunting. Jaime and Brienne reunite. The Blackfish resists. Edmure gives up. Tyrion’s truce is in trouble. Tommen changes the rules. Cersei is stunned. Arya terminates The Waif.


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3 comments on “Episode 48: No One

  1. Excellent Podcast guys!

    Excellent Podcast guys!

    • Abe gives a wonderful description about Jaime letting the better of himself when he says goodbye to Brienne (and how that is a drastic departure from the source material.)

    • I love Roberto’s grab about Jaime being open about his relationship with Cersei to Edmure.

    • I love the assessment on Jaime’s inner conflict of being obsessed with Cersei and being a good person.

    • As I expected, the reading of Brian’s comments was hilarious and your reactions were hysterical.

    • Do either of you think Varys is in any sort of jeopardy from Cersei or Tommen if he reappears in King’s Landing? Don’t they think he’s responsible for helping Tyrion escape after killing Tywin?

    • I don’t feel that you aren’t being an over critical fan boy Abe. You touched upon many sketchy points in the episode and also a redundant theme that has occurred since Arya arrived in Braavos; sketchy story lines that lack details to really define the mystique; magic; power and the unemotionally non subjective nature of the gift of death they are supposed to bring to the people of this world. If they just added more details about things Arya would also at this point have some of this mystique herself. All she really has now is better fighting abilities. Here’s some examples of things that have been displayed that generate questions:

    1. The masks: How come they have not deteriorated in quality of overtime? After all they were someone’s faces before they housed them. Have they been transformed by some type of magic so they don’t deteriorate and also allows the users to change their body size and shape as well as hug naturally to their faces?

    2. Jaqen’s goal with Arya: Is it to put Arya through the Faceless process to see if she could be a Faceless person for their own cause or to help her figure that out for herself?

    3. Jaqen’s goal with the Waif: Was she being tested to become a Faceless person or was she already one herself?

    4. Rules for being a Faceless person: Do you have to be objective about who you kill? Do you have to be subtle with how you kill someone so you don’t get caught? Can you hold personal grudges against anyone or want to kill someone specifically?

    5. The ritual of drinking the water: Why didn’t Arya die if she was Arya not really no one?

    • There was the issue both of you mentioned about inconsistencies of character tendencies mapped out to story plot actions which generated all the fan theories. (There is also no explanation about how she got so much money to give to the Westerosi Sailors.)

    • There is sketchy information about the extent of her injuries as well as how long she’s been recuperating in Lady Crane’s *Hipster Loft* (love it Abe.)

    • The sketchy nature of details helping to establish the extent of her wounds from Episode 7 and recuperation times in Episode 8 put up against the high energy action scenes in Episode 8 generate doubts of believability and arguably discontinuity in the plot between Episode 7 and 8.

    • Not to nitpick, I would like to add there is also poor continuity with her injuries themselves. In this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5d3PBugB1io
    Arya receives a slash and then two stabs. The first one is off toward the side and the second stab near the center of the belly. After the second Stab wound we get a shot of the knife buried to the hilt on the side of Arya (when it should be more in the center of her belly.)

    • Are you planning on writing anything up on the Blog about the Faceless men of Braavos and Arya’s story thread as a whole?

    • Roberto Suarez Jun 16, 2016

      Fluids, I don’t have time to write a blog post this week, but you’re welcome to be a guest contributor! Email me what you’d like to write about regarding your thoughts on the Faceless and I’m happy to post them to the blog!

      • I would be thrilled to that for you!

        Hi Roberto,

        I would be honored and thrilled to do that for you! I will send something over tomorrow morning for the Blog. It will over the whole story arch for Arya.