A Pod of Casts
A Pod of Casts
Episode 49: Battle of the Bastards

Mereen explodes in dragon fire. Daenerys welcomes the Greyjoys. Davos learns the truth. The bastards battle in The North. Rickon’s heart is broken. Wun Wun rams the door. Ramsay goes to the doghouse. Sansa smiles.


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6 comments on “Episode 49: Battle of the Bastards

  1. Resurrection Clarification

    Post Podcast Comments**

    Great show guys!

    I loved Abe’s Analysis section about the War.

    No one in the show recommended that Rickon by resurrected. That’s something I am pointing out.

    Mel has the power to resurrect folks. So why not have Jon or Sansa resurrect Rickon? I was only pointing out that maybe his body was too far dead or damaged from the battle to be worth doing that.

    They could have also resurrected Won Won.

    Then again, like I mentioned maybe Mel can only resurrect those she sees in her prophesies and if they are of Royal Blood and perhaps Rickon doesn’t have Royal Blood.

    What do you think Little Finger will do to Sansa?

    • Resurrection Clarification

      What’s really funny is they talk about Mel being able to resurrect another character like Rickon here 7 days before the show airing:


    • Roberto Suarez Jun 21, 2016

      I see. I think Mel may have answered the question in her conversation with Jon. She does not have the power to resurrect, the Lord of Light does. She just carries out his bidding based on what signs she gets. I guess her only reason for resurrecting someone else would be if she got a sign from the Lord of Light indicating that she do so, whatever that may be.

      Curious to see what Littlefinger can do now. I think he legitimately felt some guilt over how Ramsay treated Sansa, so in a way bringing the armies of the Vale was making up for his past mistake. I don’t know that he can necessarily use this as leverage, but who knows.

      • Check out Ser Davos speach to Mel in S6E2

        ‘ She does not have the power to resurrect, the Lord of Light does. She just carries out his bidding based on what signs she gets. ‘ I don’t remember her saying that. In S6E2 I remember Ser Davos asking if Jon could be resurrected and she wasn’t sure. I don’t remember any sign she had that she was going to resurrect Jon or should:
        Here’s the dialog:

        Davos: ‘It’s about the Lord Commander.
        Mel: The former Lord Commander.
        Davos: Does he have to be?
        Mel: What are you asking?
        Davos: Do you know of any magic that could help him? Mel: Bring him back? If you want to help him, leave him be.
        Davos: Can it be done?
        Mel: There are some with this power.
        Davos: – How? –
        Mel: I don’t know.
        Davos: Have you seen it done?
        Mel: I met a man who came back from the dead, but the priest who did it– it shouldn’t have been possible. But it was.
        Davos: It could be now.
        Mel: Not for me.
        Davos: Not for you? I saw you drink poison that should have killed you. I saw you give birth to a demon made of shadows.
        Mel: Everything I believed, the great victory I saw in the flames, all of it was a lie.
        Davos: You were right all along.
        Mel: The Lord never spoke to me.
        Davos: Fuck him, then. Fuck all of them. I’m not a devout man, obviously. Seven gods, drowned gods, tree gods, it’s all the same. I’m not asking the Lord of Light for help.
        I’m asking the woman who showed me that miracles exist.
        Mel: I never had this gift.
        Davos: Have you ever tried? Please.’
        You can find that speech here:

        That doesn’t sound like the Lord of Light told her to do anything. It was Davos who told her. So why not have Jon or Sansa tell Mel to resurrect Rickon or Wun Wun? That falls in line with what has happened.

        Mel only told Jon she does what the Lord of Light tells her to do in this episode.

        • Roberto Suarez Jun 22, 2016


          I agree. I was just referring to her comments in 0609 to Jon.

  2. Sansa's decision not to tell Jon about the Vale troops

    Sansa’s decision not to tell Jon about the Vale troops

    I love Abe’s points about Sansa being damaged goods.

    People still are going back and forth about the dialog and writing beats they gave her with disclosing the possibility of the Vale troops to Jon. It looks like Jon will be confronting her about that in the next episode. I have heard all of the following variations (so interesting all the interpretations I have been hearing):

    1. She really knows here brother well and know how impulsive he can be, so as I was saying the troops may have landed them in a similar situation due to the way Jon played into Ramsay.
    2. She figured if told Jon and then waited for the Vale troops then Ramsay would have seen the greater numbers than his troops and never left Winterfell and they would have had a siege instead of field battle. So if they Vale troops arrived it would be the best attack tactics to use on Ramsay.
    3. She truly trusts no one and information is power so holding onto the information is holding on to what power she had in the situation (‘Loose lips sink ships’; ‘En Boca Cerrada, No entran moscas.’)
    4. It’s poor writing just used to set up the rescue by Calvary at the end of the battle.
    5. Sansa has not only been damaged by Ramsay she truly has ‘a part of him’ in her psyche and she has become as sadistic as he is watching all her troops die unemotionally and writing off Rickon so coldly.

    I tend to thing it’s more of a combination of #1, #2 and #3. I don’t think Sansa is master planner of wars by any stretch of the imagination; just a good read of people based on what she has been through.

    What do you think?