A Pod of Casts
A Pod of Casts
Episode 51: The Big Picture

It’s our first off-season episode, where we discuss the BIG PICTURE. How will the major story arcs of Game of Thrones play out over the final two seasons of the show? Guest host W. Axel Foley from The Small Council Podcast and Roberto discuss their theories and yours!

There Is No Middle Ground – collaborative artwork by Ertaç Altınöz and Aykut Aydoğdu.

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One comment on “Episode 51: The Big Picture

  1. Sorry I missed the podcast. I love the comments (especially Brian’s).

    I thoroughly enjoyed Axel and Roberto’s theories.

    As far Bran affecting the past, I tend to think that it appears Bran is affecting the past to change the future, however I believe what they are saying is the past is set in stone and therefore so is the future. I think this is illustrated nicely by:

    * The Three Eyed Raven knew his future of death which is why he told Bran when he started training him that Bran was late to the party and they didn’t have much time for Bran to become the three eyed Raven replacing him.

    * Hodor saying all along the word Hodor means that Bran in the past wrecked Willis’ brain so he ended up saying Hodor in the present.

    * The witches’ prophecy came true (most of it so far.) Only the part about the beautiful queen that brings Cersei down is left to be shown. (No matter what Cersei does she can’t change the outcome. Even guarding Tommen; he still caused his death. Kind of reminds me of outcomes of changing the future through the past on the show ‘Lost’.)

    The past affects the present and the present affects the past therefore both have a predetermined destiny.

    Sorry guys for my late comments. To me, ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ is a love story between Dany (Fire) and Jon (Ice).
    The Whitewalkers (Ice) and Lord of Light (Fire)(or Dragons). I am sure there are other pairings in there.

    The beats that seem to be there are (in no particular order):

    1. Cersei is defeated by Dany
    2. Jon versus the White Walkers
    3. Sansa does away with Little Finger (after finding out the truth about Ned).
    4. Arya kills Mel
    5. Sam finds out more about how to defeat the White Walkers for helping Jon later on.
    6. Jon and Dany have some kind of union (either both my marriage or as battle companions.
    7. Euron is defeated by Yara and Theon (through Dany)
    8. Jorah’s grey scale will be stopped from advancing and he will die serving Dany.
    9. Democracy over Feudalism (as per the podcast)(Dany wants to break the wheel.)
    10. Bran brings the white walkers through the Night Fort Tunnel or breaks the magic of the wall by going through the Night Fort Tunnel allowing the wall to come down.

    Definitely an epic battle the final season between the White Walkers and the Dragons. Next Season will be the fight for the Iron Throne or the breaking of the Throne by Dany (the end of Feudalism) and also tying up the lose ends mentioned before.