A Pod of Casts
A Pod of Casts
Episode 60: The Dragon and The Wolf

It’s the final episode of Season 07, “The Dragon and The Wolf!” Enemies meet at King’s Landing. Cersei makes a false pledge. Jamie has enough. Theon finds a purpose. Sansa accuses. Bran reveals the truth. Jon and Dany surrender to one another. Tyrion looks worried. Snow falls on King’s Landing. Eastwatch is destroyed. The Wall is breached. The Army of The Dead cross into The North.


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2 comments on “Episode 60: The Dragon and The Wolf

  1. Indeed I am Fluidpockets

    Great podcast guys! Hopefully you guys come back before next season; especially if it’s not until 2019. I think this pod was the best of the season. I think you both nailed the issues with the Arya and Sansa scenes. I never knew there were cut seasons, however judging from the overall consensus we have, it appears we see the results of the ommission. Perhaps like blue fire in our world, blue fire is hotter than red fire in the World of Westeros? And that could be why the Wall went down. Callback to your plot armor comments, probably Beric and Tormund are up on the wall section still standing. Eastwatch looks like it was destroyed by chunks of the wall. You also picked up on the Mountain pausing to kill Jaime. I was also WTF on that one. He was a machine. What’s happened to the Mountain? Has he all of a sudden become more tuned into things? He had no problem crushing Martell skulls over the years, why hesitate in carrying out Cersei’s orders to kill Jaime? She never telegraphed anything other than her initial order. Did he develop telepathy with her? 🙂 It should be interesting to see also if Jon made Dany pregnant. That would throw even more chaos into the mix for Season 8. I look forward to anything you both do in the future. You both have great chemistry together and I thoroughly enjoy listening to you both and I hope you keep it up. I will always be listening. BTW: My original rating was too low I felt (three stars) and yeah, I would up it to four stars for this episode. Cheers! BTW: Do you think there are more children of the forest around in Westeros south of the wall?

    • Fluids Sep 14, 2017

      Does plot armor hide death twists?

      I did have one thought about plot armor. Perhaps keeping characters alive with plot armor like Beric and Tormund, Ser Jorah and Gendry is done only so they can use their deaths as plot twists later on in Season 8? So plot armor is a preservative for later deaths. What do you think?