A Pod of Casts
A Pod of Casts
Episode 65 Travels Through the Greensight 05 (Baelor, Fire and Blood)

Abe and Roberto finish their journey down the Greensight! We recount the climactic events of episodes 9 and 10 of Season 01, “Baelor” and “Fire and Blood.” Join us in our final episode before the Season 8 premiere!

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One comment on “Episode 65 Travels Through the Greensight 05 (Baelor, Fire and Blood)

  1. Brian C Morris Apr 16, 2019

    This is feedback for episode 66-
    Hello Roberto and Abe. I am glad that you are continuing your podcast and finishing out this series. I enjoyed your first season breakdowns. I realized what I enjoyed about the earlier seasons and disliked about the last few…. story versus spectacle. Season one had a very little CGI throughout, until Ned looses his head and the dragons are born. Everything else, for the most part, are a few people talking in a room. That was it. By season 7 it was all CGI spectacle and very little actual story.

    So here is my review for season 8 episode 1: First I have to say that my expectations for a quality story are extremely low. I expected nothing but CGI dragons fighting a CGI army, however I was wrong. I enjoyed this episode very much. Every the Aladdin flying carpet dragon scene, while silly, was okay.
    All of the reunions were on point. Tarly’s reactions were solid.
    I only have a few issues- 1 how does Yara know about the army of the dead? She was captured before anyone outside of the Nights Watch knew about it.
    2. What has Bran been doing the last few weeks, months however long it took everyone to march north? Did he not mention to everyone present, at like every opportunity, that they, the living, were in big trouble?
    3. As a former military officer if they need to prepare for a siege, and food is a concern, then all individuals who cannot hold a sword, spear, or arrow need to be immediately sent south. If Lord Glover does not want to play then he should have all of the non-military personnel standing at his door. Someone needs to mention that the Knight’s King’s army grows exponentially,

    Great job
    Thanks for doing this