A Pod of Casts
A Pod of Casts
Episode 68: The Long Night

After eight seasons of anticipation the White Walkers finally arrive at Winterfell! Did “The Long Night” deliver on its promise, or did it not meet our expectations? Find out as Roberto and Abe analyze and review the latest episode and share your comments and feedback!


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2 comments on “Episode 68: The Long Night

  1. Great Podcast Guys!

    Great podcast guys! It saddens me that we will altogether only be discussing this show three more times. It sounds like a lot of us are in agreement about our overall perception of what we thought the show is about and where it will go. Cersei as the final enemy feels disappointing to me. So Cersei was right to not aid Dany and Jon? That doesn’t sit well with me because there doesn’t seem to be a large enough potential lesson for her to learn anymore about the fall from power due to Hubris and poor choices or outlook. Then again if Cersei is taken out of power, her humiliating fall from the highest place of power remains the same (regardless of what contributes to that cause.) If she does win in the end, what’s the message then? Life is unfair. Then why not call the show, ‘Life is Unfair’?

  2. Lynne May 4, 2019

    Enjoyed the podcast! Appreciate the climate change comment, Abe. I have not read the books (goals) so my angle is a bit different. & i appreciate those who have read them. I had been looking up information to learn more about the Night King with thoughts that he was a Stark etc. I understand the want for some answers. With that said, the show is “Game of Thrones.” Even though the first scene of the series introduces the Undead & a lot of Jon’s time & focus is on this chilling (no pun intended) threat, the other huge (possibly larger)component has been the wicked chess game revolving around the throne with the human relationships, survival & betrayal among almost all of the others south of the wall. Like Barb told Roberto, it doesn’t take long for people to forget what brought us together. Sad, but true.
    If the Night King wasn’t destroyed in Winterfell (winter fell), there would be no more Starks or Targeryons, Dragons, nothing. The living would be completely destroyed. I know people wanted more deaths, but most of those “shocking” deaths on this show have not been during battles. I am guessing we will see more that may have more meaning. I still see Jon as a hero. He is willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good. He & Brienne always try to do the right and honorable thing. I view Cersei as being the biggest villain in the show because of her pure evilness and ruthlessness. She is willing to betray her family without a second thought- Jamie, Tommen. She has the Mountain rape a woman for revenge. She blows up so many innocent people with wildfire because she doesn’t want to face trial
    She lies to the people of Kings Landing, spreading false propaganda (hmmm- sounds like a President we know) just to save herself. She doesn’t care about them one bit.
    I look forward to the rest of the season and sharing it with you!! Ignore the stars, I wasn’t rating anything!!