A Pod of Casts
A Pod of Casts
Episode 71: The Iron Throne

And now our watch is ended! In the aftermath of the destruction of King’s Landing, loyalties are tested, friends are betrayed, and hearts are broken. A new order and an unexpected leader take charge of the realm, and the legacy of Ned Stark lives on! But who really won the Game of Thrones? Abe and Roberto recap and analyze the series finale, and we share and reflect on your comments and feedback!


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One comment on “Episode 71: The Iron Throne

  1. Katrina Aug 11, 2019

    Wonderful podcast

    Excellent podcast with lots of well argued points of view – as always.
    Please let us know of any other podcasts you’re doing, it would be great to follow your podcasting adventures.

    Some last thoughts about Game of Thrones.

    I find it strange that in watching a story of power politics, few people notice the power politicing of the ancient powers of the far north.

    Having rewatched the whole of the last season again, I still don’t see anywhere that shows Jon has grasped his new role – the NightWatch King or Night King 2.0.
    Jon helped to get rid of the faulty undead warrior and the fulfilled his godly/magical/mystical programming. Now his very long watch has begun.

    I do wonder how much of Bran’s focus on being the 3 Eyed Raven and no longer Bran is because he’s committed to the centuries long plans of his predecessors. Lots of interesting Merlin references too with the Raven deaging into Bran.

    So what will Westeros look like after Bran and Tyrion have fixed it? Perhaps a world Ned Stark would like