Our first off-season episode is coming later this week, but first we want YOUR feedback!

Now that we know Game of Thrones will run for just two more seasons, with a reduced number of episodes per season, we feel it’s the perfect time to ask what YOU would do if given the chance to write character story arcs for the remainder of the show.

You decide the fate of key characters and be as imaginative and/or ruthless as you like – don’t hold back! Leave your thoughts below and we will be happy to share them in our next episode.

There Is No Middle Ground – collaborative artwork by Ertaç Altınöz and Aykut Aydoğdu.

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4 comments on “Feedback Post: The Final Two Seasons

  1. Brian Morris Aug 24, 2016

    First welcome back! I hope that you enjoyed your summer.

    Okay first some general comments. I have given up any hope that GRRM will ever finish this series. So, HBO need to bring him back as an actual producer or advisor or something. It needs to be D&D and G or something like that.
    All of that being said if I was writing the last two seasons outline it would be something like this:
    Jamie strangles Cersei in the first episode. Jamie becomes king, he marries Daenerys and learns to ride a dragon. Together, with Jon, they destroy the whites and a new Golden Age is brought about, filled with unicorns and rainbows for everyone.
    I fear that this will be the angle that D&D, without the G, will take.
    I would do something more like this:
    Iron Island- Somehow they find wood and build a fleet, they also find sailors to crew the ships because keep in mind that the best raiders and sailors invaded the North and all were subsequently killed. Then they sail forth and invade the Riverlands, capture their ancestral castle of Harrenhal. Euron sends his fleet to raid the Reach. Euron leads an attack on the Old Town and the Citadel. Sam will be forced to defend Gilly or some critical book he is reading. He will choose the book. Gilly and the baby will be killed. Sam will become enraged, use heartsbane to start murdering some Iron Born. As this time Sam’s father will arrive, see Sam killing like a champ, realize he underestimated Sam and give Sam his sword, telling him he paid the Iron Price for it.
    The Reach- Someone will remember how feudal succession works and QOT will be removed from power, placed in a nursing home and allowed to live out her life regardless of the fact that she initially tried to overthrow the Tyrells. I guess that is not what will happen.
    The Reach- Will be raided by the Iron Born. The QOT will be forced to break her alliance with the Dornish and Dragon in order to return with her forces to defend her lands and people. I do not think they will be big players in the future.
    Dorne- In this case someone will really remember that a bunch of bastards do not have a real claim on the thrown of a great house in this world. All because you slept with a president does not really make you qualified to be president, wait sorry wrong game of thrones. But I guess they will support the Dragon and march north to invade the Stormlands from the south. I don’t know. They have to march through a desert without a lot of water. That could break Danaery’s army. It does not really matter in the end. Eventually there will be a big battle where it looks like Danaery’s is about to loose when all of a sudden, wait for it……. Dario shows up with the second sons and saves the day, or maybe the Iron Born but I kind of doubt that.
    Stormlands- I guess Gendry will be a blacksmith in Stormsend. That would be ironic. Danaery’s will conquer the castle with her army.
    Kings Landing- Danaery’s will march on Kings Landing. Have a sit-down with Cersei and Jamie. Tryion will be there as will Varys and the Mountain. The Mountain will move to kill either or both then Drogon will light him up, this will set off a wildfire store room and King’s Landing will be destroyed. Tryion will be responsible in some way for the destruction of the city, the deaths of thousands and the elimination of his family. Tryion will not take all of this well.
    The Vale- Doesn’t matter. Sweet Robin will develop into the big bad for the final season.
    The North-
    Picture this the scene starts with Littlefinger looking at Sansa. The Northern lords are still screaming “The King in the North”. Jon calls for silence. Jon looks at Sansa, then the rest of the room, and says- “I am no king. The battle would have been lost with out Sansa and the Vale. Lord Baelish please approach” Littlefinger slinks to the rostrum. Jon says “Did you know Lord Baelish, Janos Slynt was a member of the Nights Watch? He spent most of his time bragging about how he was instrumental in the murder of my father, Lord Ned Stark. He said you paid him to betray my father. Is that true?” The room goes deathly quite. Suddenly there is a murmur from the back of the room. One of the Vale lords says “that’s right. I heard that true, in fact I was in King’s Landing at the time. I heard all about the attempted coup. Littlefinger was definitely in on it.” Jon orders his men to seize Littlefinger.
    Jon turns to Lady Sansa and bends his knee “My queen, the true Queen in the North. I swear by the old gods and the new that you will have my sword…..blah, blah, blah. I offer you the Lord Baelish for you to sit in judgement.”
    Sansa taken aback about the revelation looks accusingly at Baelish.
    Baelish tries to talk his way out of it but in the end he confesses and Sansa orders his death. In accordance with Stark tradition she is the one who hangs Littlefinger. A single tear trickles down her face.
    She orders Jon to defend the Wall from the whites. She orders the half of the Vale forces to go with Jon, the rest she send to defend the Vale and Moat Calin.
    Jon Snow become Jon Whitewolf, head of house Whitewolf. He takes the last Hearth or the Dreadfort as his seat. He spend the remainder of the season developing a strategy for defeating the Others.
    Sansa spends the time warding off marriage proposals but consolidates her power base, helping the sick, injured and starving as best she can.
    The last episode of the season, the Others destroy the wall somehow and invade. Jon is standing on his side of the breach staring at the Nights King, reminiscent of the Hardhome Battle.

    Loose ends- The brotherhood without banners bump into both Arya and Brieanne, and I guess Mel. Mel heads south to try to find allies to fight the whites, while everyone else heads North. Arya goes with Mel to do some killing in the south. On this trip Arya finds her long lost wolf and feeds Mel to it. Arya dies in the battle of Kings Landing trying to kill Cersei, wargs into her wolf and spends the rest of her life with her pack, something she has always wanted.
    Bran does whatever Bran does to further the plot. He seems to have no remorse that he crippled a stable boy then killed him as an adult. He is just used for exposition so let him expose.

  2. Alex McGregor Aug 25, 2016

    Deaths: I have a theory. Characters with a double letter in their name are doomed. Eddard, Robb, Shaggy Dog, Summer, Roose. There are more but I’ve had a few beers. Not sure whether this extends to Arya, Sansa and Cersei as their double letters aren’t together, but Daario and Ellaria have had it.
    Stannis! That was another

  3. Mareike Aug 25, 2016

    Not really a theory, but considering everyone was super excited at the end of last season for Daenerys to finally come to Westeros, I think it would be hilarious if she instead spent the next five episodes on a boat, Gendry-style. If we learned anything from him, it’s that people tend to disappear on the water. Though I doubt that that will happen.

  4. Sorry I missed the podcast. I love the comments (especially Brian’s).

    Sorry guys for the late comments.

    To me, ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ is a love story between Dany (Fire) and Jon (Ice).
    The Whitewalkers (Ice) and Lord of Light (Fire)(or Dragons). I am sure there are other pairings in there.

    The beats that seem to be there are (in no particular order):

    1. Cersei is defeated by Dany
    2. Jon versus the White Walkers
    3. Sansa does away with Little Finger (after finding out the truth about Ned).
    4. Arya kills Mel
    5. Sam finds out more about how to defeat the White Walkers for helping Jon later on.
    6. Jon and Dany have some kind of union (either both my marriage or as battle companions.
    7. Euron is defeated by Yara and Theon (through Dany)
    8. Jorah’s grey scale will be stopped from advancing and he will die serving Dany.
    9. Democracy over Feudalism (as per the podcast)(Dany wants to break the wheel.)
    10. Bran brings the white walkers through the Night Fort Tunnel or breaks the magic of the wall by going through the Night Fort Tunnel allowing the wall to come down.

    Definitely an epic battle the final season between the White Walkers and the Dragons. Next Season will be the fight for the Iron Throne or the breaking of the Throne by Dany (the end of Feudalism) and also tying up the lose ends mentioned before.