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11 comments on “Feedback Post: Season 07, Episode 05 – “Eastwatch”

  1. Robin Aug 14, 2017

    Little Finger prediction

    Here’s a prediction for you: Benioff and Weiss think that surprise is the key to good TV. And their method is to show us events in a deliberately misleading way to ensure that we are surprised. So, I think Sansa and Arya are setting up Little Finger. I think Arya has marked him for death for his past crimes. We are being led to believe that there is a feud between Sansa and Jon brewing and that Baelish is stirring the pot. But just when it looks like the Stark’s are going to fall out the truth about Petyr will be exposed and someone will chop his head off. That’s certainly where I hope this is going. I have no interest in seeing the Stark’s fight.

    I did enjoy Dany telling Jon about her three children from a previous relationship and how he needs to lie about how pretty they are if he wants to be King-consort one day.

  2. Alex McGregor Aug 15, 2017

    Hi lads. First of all: Abe, coming from Liverpool I’m certainly aware of what ‘you’ll never walk alone’ means. You should know that Liverpool FC are basically Gendry, the bastard child of the true kings in the north, Everton FC. Mixed plots there, but on to the show.
    I like these episodes, more chess playing. The main thing I took from it was the Arya/Baelish shenanigans. I don’t think Arya buys what, I think, was a staged scene between the Maester and Littlefinger.. Did you notice how her eyebrows raised when the Maester said Luwin’s records were a bit scattered?
    In the next 2 episodes, I think we’ll discover if Baelish really is as clever as he thinks he is.
    And I don’t believe Cersei is expecting. She knew Jamie was on the way out (of her grand design) and knows this is the only way to keep him onside.

  3. Katrina Aug 15, 2017

    So much wonderful setup

    I wonder…. the magnificent 7 are off to find a Wight and dead Uncle Benjen Stark is following after the White Walkers. So if Uncle Benjen could be taken around the wall and get to King’s Landing, how would Ned’s Little Brother react to a Lannister Queen?

    Although the baby may be the little brother that kills Cersei

    I have a suspicion that Gendry will die to give Arya the incentive to kill the undead and provide Sandor Clegane with a Gregor crunching battleaxe

  4. Fluids Aug 15, 2017

    I thought Drogon won this week's Game of Thrones

    This episode was packed with loads of setup. I give it a 60 out of 100. The weak plot points did in the score for me (SEE: The Bad).

    I have to agree with Alex, I don’t believe Cersei is expecting either.
    If she is, it’s all to keep Jaime with her. Ha! Robin (LMAO). Jon sometimes does lack some sensitivity. Careful with your Auntie!

    Oh wait, I forgot, you now have a more legitimate claim to the throne than Dany, so she should be careful! 🙂

    That was one great reveal of Rhaegar having his marriage annulled to Elia Martel for probably Lyanna in Dorne which makes Jon a legitimate Targaryen (SEE: The Unknown).


    Chock full of Best Lines

    Ser Davos: ‘Nothing F&*$s you harder than time’
    Ser Davos: ‘It’s Better to be a coward for a minute than dead the rest of your life’.
    Tyrion: ‘Did you read it?’
    Varys: ‘It’s a sealed scroll for the King in the North.’
    Tyrion: ‘What’s it say?’
    Tyrion: ‘Last time I was here I killed my father with Crossbow.’
    Ser Davos: ‘Last time I was here you killed my son with Wildfire.’
    Tormund: ‘How many queens are there now?
    Jon: ‘Two.’
    Tormund: ‘And you need to convince the one with the dragons or the one who f&*$s her brother?
    Jon: ( chuckles )’Both.’

    The Good:

    * Great Fourth Wall Fan feeding with the Ser Davos line to Gendry: ‘Thought you might still be rowing.’

    * Gendry has a War Hammer like Robert!

    Most emotional scenes:

    * Jon reaching out for Drogon. The EFX and acting were fantastic!
    * Ser Jorah reuniting with Dany.
    * Jon’s plea to Dany to go North.
    * Jon with Gendry.

    The Bad: (Tyrion goes full on Jar Jar Banks here)

    * What exactly would Cersei be Marching into if Dany goes to the Wall with her Army to defend the realm? Cersei already has King’s Landing.
    I don’t follow Dany’s logic for not helping Jon. It’s kind of a flimsy reason. I suppose if she was under attack and Jon snuck out that then her reasoning would make sense. His passion for defending the realm works over the following two even flimsier plot points:

    * Why would Tyrion go all the way to Red Keep just to talk to Jaime about an armistice and paving the way for bringing a Wight as proof of the Army of the Undead to King’s Landing? That was too ‘Cray Cray’ for me. Wouldn’t a raven made more common sense? As nice and as improbable of a meeting would be between Jaime and Tyrion at this point, why sacrifice the story for a surprise moment like that? The scene lacked substance; even Jaime was wondering what Tyrion was there for.

    * Even more Cray Cray was sending a small bunch of notable characters to capture a single Wight from an army of thousands of undead (including Wight Giants) led by the White Walkers. How is one Wight going to convince everyone that there’s an army out there and how the heck are they going to control it let alone get it to King’s Landing? I thought that idea was too second rate for this show. Even funnier is it’s Tyrion’s idea and Dany agrees to it after bashing him about verbally for his other great ideas.

    The Unknown:

    * Is Cersei pregnant for real?

    * Does Dany suspect Jon Snow has Targaryen blood due to Drogon?

    * If Rhaegar had his marriage to Elia Martel annulled, Did he marry Lyanna Stark? If so, then Jon is the legitimate heir to the Iron Throne!

    * Why doesn’t Jon want to tell Dany about the stabbing?

    * What is Little Finger’s Endgame?

    * Does Little Finger know about Rhaegar having his marriage annulled already? I think he does. Once it is know that Jon is Lyanna’s baby with Rhaegar could Little Finger potentially use that against the Starks?

    * What happens when the Northerners learn Jon is a Targaryen?

    • Fluids Aug 15, 2017

      Jar Jar self correction

      Correction: Jar Jar Binks; not Banks… 🙂

    • Fluids Aug 15, 2017

      The Wight diversion won't work

      8 more episodes left & this diversion going to the Wall by Eastwatch to get a Wight doesn’t work for me. It’s definitely going to take us to the end of Season 7. Gilly’s Rhaegar annulment bomb seals L+R=J so Jon being a Targaryen *has* to be used at this point in Season 8 for something. I predict, Jon will survive the Wight quest, which means plot wise it’s functioning for me like a secondary character grinder. Who’s going to die over the next two episodes? Tormund, Ser Jorah, Beric, Thoros, The Hound or Gendry?

      It would be far more entertaining for me to see Dany, Jon and Ed Sheeran (a captive Lannister troop convinced to go on a singing gig to Eastwatch) on Drogon’s back go over the wall.
      Jon knocks out Ed Sheeran; ties him up; kills him and he comes back as a Wight. They tie his bound undead body to one of Drogon’s legs; cut the rope dropping him into King’s Landing where he sings the song of the undead to Cersei before Jaime finishes him off (all in one bottle episode)

      Even if they do manage to get a Wight to King’s Landing; how lame would it be if Cersei didn’t suffer the biggest consequences of Hubris out of any character by believing there is an Army of the Undead and sends all available troops to aid Dany and Jon against the Army of the Undead?

      Let’s face it. That wall is coming down and we are dying to see the expression on Cersei’s face when she’s confronted with the vast sprall of the Armies of the Wight Walkers lurching towards the gates of the Red Keep. I am hoping it plays out this way rather than everyone cooperates.

      • Fluids Aug 15, 2017

        Clarifying the silly Alternative Wight plan

        It would be far more entertaining for me to see Dany, Jon and Ed Sheeran (a captive Lannister troop convinced to go on a singing gig to Eastwatch) on Drogon’s back go over the wall (and they locate a lone White Walker.)
        Jon knocks out Ed Sheeran; ties him up; kills him and he comes back as a Wight. They tie his bound undead body to one of Drogon’s legs; cut the rope dropping him into King’s Landing where he sings the song of the undead to Cersei before Jaime finishes him off (all in one bottle episode)

  5. billie Aug 15, 2017

    love the dragons

    I always love this show G,O,T can do no wrong with me as a fan I love the dragons the most and their mother and hopeful their further father king Jon I love jon in the battle of the bastard my all time episode in the history of the show but when jon touch dragon the biggest I cried I hope their mother kick cerci off of the throne forever you know how in the bible the king kick out mosey and said never let his name be written in the book of Egypt again or said so let it be written let it be said no one to ever say cerci name be restrict from they history that’s how they should do her no more mirrored so let it be that would make me happy but the dragons should be up their with king and queen they help saved man and women kind they should be member for ever and their mother and king Jon for all that they went thru to save the world together.

  6. Aaronic Aug 16, 2017

    Lots of setup and not much else

    I wasn’t a fan of the wight capture plan. It seems like a quest that will kill off secondary characters and it honestly doesn’t seem like a clever or realistic one. There is no way Cersei will agree to help Jon and Dany. If she does agree with them that would be SO unsatisfying and downright idiotic. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

    There have been so many reunions recently like it’s some new hot trend. Last week they were really powerful, but this week not so much. Dany and Jorah & Jaime and Tyrion weren’t very satisfying as they just felt like they were there as a plot point not a proper story moment. I didn’t feel the emotion I should have felt.

    Davos and Gendry was a highlight though. Great to have Gendry back and I fracked up when Davos suggested that he may have still been rowing. However this does highlight a problem with the show since it departed from the books. D&D have been trying too hard to appease fans instead of providing a quality story and that has been one of the reasons I think the show isn’t as strong as it used to be. Not a complaint for this episode as the rowing line got a laugh out of me, but more of a complaint for the show as a whole these past few seasons.

    I loved the way they revealed what could possibly be a game changing plot twist in such a subtle manner. R+L=J seems to be confirmed and on top of that Jon may have a better claim to the throne than Dany! This is treated like a major twist and I really hope this factors into something big in the final few episodes (I still can’t believe there are only 8 episodes left!).

    The reason I scored this episode lower was because many small scenes disappointed me. The setup was good but the emotion simply wasn’t there. Jon touching the dragon, Cersei learning who killed Joffrey, the aforementioned reunions, Jon meeting the brotherhood and more scenes felt like plot beats instead of impactful moments which was hugely disappointing. It prevents the show from reaching the levels I know it can reach.

    Other Notes:

    -So Jon went from Dragonstone to Eastwatch and Davos and Tyrion went from Dragonstone to KL and back to Dragonstone before Jon left in a single episode. Jorah made it all the way to Dragonstone from Oldtown already. Bran’s raven about the Night King already made it to Oldtown. And yet the Night King STILL hasn’t made it to The Wall. This honestly perplexes me.

    -Sam left Oldtown pretty suddenly. Where does he go now?

    -Littlefinger and Arya’s little game of following and tricking each other was fun.

  7. Brian Morris Aug 16, 2017

    I enjoyed this episode. I think hubris takes center stage again.
    Arya is so confident that she is better than Littlefinger and Littlefinger thinks he knows what Arya is up to. If Arya wants to snoop around why doesn’t she put the face of the serving lady that she used to trick Walder Frey, not that she needed to because no one there knew who Arya Stark was. Can you use those faces more than once? I hope so because it would seem really sad if Arya murdered some innocent lady just to sneak up on a guy who she never met to kill him. P
    Jon is confident that the only way forward is to capture a White. Okay I guess but why doesn’t he swing by Winterfell and have a chat with his brother, who might be able to provide some tactical picture of what he will be facing with his Northern Avengers. The only reason why these guys are going North is to give some of them good heroic deaths but that is not necessary. Who cares what happens to the Brotherhood without Banners and no one will be happy unless the Mountain fights the Hound so you know he has plot armor.
    I enjoyed the bromance between Jon and Gendry. I hope that Gendry last more than one episode. Gendry deciding to go North with Jon does not make any logical sense but whatever. Did Danny know who Gendry was or did they touch down on Dragonstone right as Jon was leaving. Where was Theon this episode? Did he talk with Danny about saving his sister or was that plot discontinued? I had hoped that Theon would join Jon on his quest North of the Wall. They really needed a Hawkeye to round out the Avengers and Theon was an excellent archer in season 1 and season 2.
    On more than a few occasions I had to go swimming in modern day (early 90s) body armor and equipment. Do you know how hard it is to swim in boots let alone a flak jacket, pack, uniform and helmet? You sink and it is hard to get out of the water.
    The show runners are setting themselves up to be critiqued with sloppy writing. They hope that the action and romance scenes will overcome plot holes and drastic (and random) changes in characters and their motivations. For example, Bran was totally normal after he was rescued by Uncle Benjen. He was fine after his vision of the Tower of Joy but now he is an unemotional robot. Why? Where is the scene that shows him touching the tree, seeing crazy things, then he is changed forever into a robot?
    Tyrion saw Jamie fall into the water. He did not order the entire Dothraki horde into the river to either save him or find his body? Jamie would be the best hostage ever. Instead somehow Tyrion just know that Jamie escaped and made it home.
    If Cersei does not have a baby bump next episode I quit. Months should have passed between the episode that she and Jamie had sex.