A Pod of Casts
A Pod of Casts
Episode 41: The Red Woman

Season 06 of Game of Thrones begins! Sansa and Theon run for their lives as Ser Davos protects Jon’s body. Jaime and Cersei mournfully reunite in King’s Landing while Tyrion and Varys tackle problems in Meereen. Ser Jorah and Daario look for Daenerys, who has been taken by the Dothraki. Things wrap up in Dorne, and Melisandre reveals an old secret.


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2 comments on “Episode 41: The Red Woman

  1. Feedback on Podcast for Season 6, Episode 1

    Great podcast guys!

    I like the quick comments while Roberto is giving his summary.

    I like the way the both of you are putting this episode into the entire context of the overall show story and then looking at to see if different scenes work or don’t and if character actions and dialog make sense or not.

    As a show only watcher for the most part (I just read the first book) I loved your comments about how Dorne was handled in the books differently without you revealing what exactly that was but focused on it’s affect to the action we see on the screen. It helped explain to me the emptiness and flatness of characters we have been given with respect to Dorne (on top of all plot holes and poor dialog choices everyone is ranting about.) My self included (inside Roberto’s piece on Dorne): https://apodofcasts.com/is-dorne-done/

    * You guys had me rolling with laughter over ‘Little Finger’s teleporter’. What’s really funny is I almost wrote in my initial feedback comments that Nymeria and Obara must have been using the Dornish Transporter room.

    * I loved Abe pointing out Cersei’s double standards with treatments of Myrcella and Joffrey. Once Joffrey became King though she lost her ability to control him and the same thing with Myrcella when Tyrion shipped her off to Dorne. I n a way I guess, they represent to me things two things Cersei sees in her herself; Joffrey represents how sadistic, vindictive and cruel she can be if given the opportunity. Perhaps Myrcella represents a loss of innocence and purity (to her)? I love how her perspective clashes with the view of Prince Oberyn who traced her personae back to the days when Tyrion was born and considered him a Monster and how Oberyn just saw a newborn baby.

    * I agree that Cersei as a character has had little regard for religious orders and prophecy and so I can see why you were at odds with her dialog painting her as buying into prophecy. Perhaps the death of Myrcella (and also Joffrey) are getting the better of her conscience rather than her beliefs?

    * Abe does a wonderful job of painting the show’s overall picture of the brink of collapse for House Lannister.

    * Brienne’s loyalty oath was a sleeper for me and I can’t put my finger on why that was the case. I forgot about how important this scene was (thanks you guys for bringing that back into my mind). It did put some closure on Brienne’s quest to serve and be a badness for someone as well as giving Sansa what she has always wanted (to be a Lady.)

    • Sorry that should be a badass not badness 🙂

      Also I think the banishment to Vaes Dothrak is weak sauce because I can picture Dany telepathically summoning Drogon until he comes and she flys back to Meereen whilst she plays the equivalent of Mahjong with the other widows. 🙂