A Pod of Casts
A Pod of Casts
Episode 42: Home

As Bran goes on a vision quest Ramsay takes over Winterfell and Theon says goodbye. The Iron Islands prepare for a Kingsmoot. The High Sparrow defies Jamie and King Tommen. Tyrion talks to dragons and Arya passes a test. Jon stirs; Wun Wun wins!


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2 comments on “Episode 42: Home

  1. Feedback on Podcast for Season 6, Episode 2

    Solid podcast guys!

    * The guy who got his head smashed in looked like he was overheard by a tavern wench (about 26 seconds into this clip). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4nF3ner9-0
    My theory is that she was one of Qyburn or Cersei’s eyes and ears around the Kingdom and then they ordered the Mountain to kill the urinating man.

    * I love your feelings about Ser Davos being a moral compass on the show. He went with Stannis to attack Winterfell and then Stannis sent him back to Castle Black with a mission to get more supplies in a Dance of Dragons (S5E9) (and so he had no opposition to sacrificing Shireen).

    I believe in S5E10 Ser Davos learns from Jon about the rescue of the Wildlings from the White Walkers and tries to persuade Jon to attack the Bolton’s at Winterfell.

    My guess is now that Jon is resurrected (and as you guys point out he is still Jon Snow) then I am sure Davos will want them all to March against the Boltons at Winterfell to secure the North. (That’s if he no longer has to abide by a vow. He did die and the vow was until death. There was no resurrection clause in the vow.)

    My question is does Ser Davos see Jon as the King in Mel’s prophecies?

    * This clip might be telling of why the Red Priestess was able to resurrect Jon Snow:
    You worship your way and I will worship mine:

    He lost his faith in his god (just like Mel was losing faith in her powers):
    He resurrected Beric because he was his friend (not in the name of his god).

    Has Jon Snow been to the darkness as well?

    Where will Mel meet Arya again? She does seem to prophesize Arya being a faceless person doesn’t she?

    I love her comments about Gendry. With Cersei’s trial coming up wouldn’t be a real shocker if the High Sparrow brought Gendry to the stand as the one true Baratheon still alive to prove that Tommen was born as child out of
    incest with Jaime and Cersei and wasn’t not the legitimate king?

    This is an okay website for checking quotes from GOT characters:


    * I get that you are saying the Sparrow has the backing of the people, however I have not seen much evidence in the show that the High Sparrow has had the serious backing of the people other than him serving up soup to them at his introduction. I do see a lot of guys with clubs, chains and forehead tattoos representing the Faith Militant; not common folks rebelling with the High Sparrow against the King’s guards. If there were regular folks surrounding Jaime too that would have made what you are saying more clear.

    I do recall a past podcast where Roberto has brought up comments from another contributer who points out the books show a lot more back story that shows the bond and support of the regular folks for the High Sparrow.

    To me this always looked like a turf war between Cersei and the High Sparrow and the Faith Militant rather than the people revolting against the King.

    The only other thing I saw that brought in the people into the mix was Tommen trying to confront the Sparrow and I don’t see the commoners assisting then exactly. They do shout names at Tommen and stand up here and there to see what is going on.


    • I have been hoping with the Sparrow scenes against the Lannisters to see something like this crowd reaction to Joffrey recently becoming King back in S2E6: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RO7uISJ7xM
      The closest thing I have seen to this (as far as crowd reactions to the Lannisters) has been Cersei’s walk of shame in season 5.