A Pod of Casts
A Pod of Casts
Episode 43: Oathbreaker

Sam and Gilly journey to Oldtown. Bran learns new truths at the Tower of Joy. Daenerys faces the consequences of not fulfilling her vows. Varys discovers who is behind the Sons of the Harpy. Cersei and Jaime visit The Small Council. King Tommen meets the High Sparrow. Arya becomes no one. Ramsey gets a gift. Jon confronts his betrayers.


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5 comments on “Episode 43: Oathbreaker

  1. Best Podcast of the Season to date!

    Hey Roberto and Abe!

    Excellent Podcast!

    * I think you have honed in your format well now and I love your interactions together and with us contributors.

    * Gilly pregnant? Now that would really put a wrench in things for Samwell!
    Besides the issues with the storyline trajectory to Horn hill, Sam risks breaking his oath of celibacy as a man of the Night’s Watch and not being let into Order of the Maesters at the Citadel. The more I think about this that’s probably also why he also can’t bring Gilly there. If they think baby Sam is his baby then they’ll just put him out into the streets of Oldtown right?)

    * The whole narrative I have issues with at Horn Hill just has me thinking if Sam approaches his father then he will throw them all out into the street. Sam’s comments to Gilly about his Mother though has me seeing him sneaking up to Horn Hill secretly meeting with his Mother about Gilly and the baby and having his mother hide them somewhere on the premises. Then his brother or father finds them which leads to a confrontation with Sam or they will have his father kill Gilly and the baby which will lead to a conflict between Sam and his father. (This could be too tropic though. I hope this isn’t the case.)

    * You blew the top of my head off with your theory Roberto about Cersei possibly ending Tommen’s life. Wow, that would be quite a turn of events if that happened. That would certainly break her will.

    * If what Bran is seeing is a recording of the past picked up by the ‘Weirwood Wide Web’ is Bran just interacting with the magic of the land when he calls out to Ned or is he really interacting with Ned?

    • Roberto Suarez May 13, 2016

      On Bran and the Weirwood

      I think Bran interacting with the memories is what worries the 3ER so much. Bran’s mind is not really visiting the past, but just a memory of it. By interacting with it he is one step closer to believing it is real, when in actuality he’s just getting lost in a memory. It reminds me of the movie “Inception” where spending too much time in the dream world could confuse you, and you may stay trapped in it forever without ever knowing it.

      • Got it. So memories of everything in the lands are introduced by the Weirwoods into his brain. The 3ER is teaching him how to keep those memories separate from his own while showing him *everything* (for what purpose is unclear). If the 3ER and Bran don’t keep them in check, Bran could bring those memories into his own subconscious by interacting with them (making him him think it’s with his father (or other characters) in the past.) If he does this for a while he won’t know how to get out of his subconscious into the real world and be locked into it forever.

        • That’s how I see it. The longer you stay in the memory, the more you believe it is the reality. Once you start actually interacting with the memories it will become more difficult to pull out. Remember how earlier in the series Osha warned Bran not to stay in his wolf because he could eventually forget who he was and become the wolf? I think this is the equivalent when tapping into the Weirwood.

        • Eating crow

          Well so much for my Green Sight theory! Hold the Door!