A Pod of Casts
A Pod of Casts
Episode 44: Book of The Stranger

Jon and Sansa reunite. Ramsay and Osha have a pointed conversation. Littlefinger mobilizes the Knights of the Vale. Missandei and Grey Worm disagree with Tyrion. Margaery meets The High Sparrow and Ser Loras. Cersei conspires with Kevan and Olenna. Theon comes home. Daenerys fires the Kahls.


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3 comments on “Episode 44: Book of The Stranger

  1. Very Well Constructed Pod!

    Excellent Podcast Abe and Roberto!

    Abe, I like the great points you made about the Brother and Sister pairings and how the Sisters are supporting their brothers and also leading in courses of action. One thing I also noticed is now nearly all the great houses are only left with parentless sister/brother pairings (except the Tyrells).

    Chewing on bread Tormund style! I was rolling.

    If I could go back and change my score I would bump my mini score for Tyrion’s diplomacy faux pas (since I boiled it down too much and focused on where the narrative is going.) I agree that his involvement is creating some stressful conditions (especially) within Dany’s inner circle with Missendei and Grey Worm. So my overall score would be 80 out of 100.

    The conditions that have been building (as an example, the scenes with the Red Priest talking about what the ex-slaves are going to do while Dany is gone about the Sons of the Harpy.)They look like they are heading towards civil war within Meereen, Yunkai, Astapor. Wouldn’t it be all out war with Volantis? Did Dany conquer Volantis yet? I don’t think so, which is probably why Tyrion suggest abolishing slavery in 7 years. If Dany just told them to outright abolish slavery they would have probably consider it an act of war, which would have probably triggered a war with them (while she was away.) As things are anyway, Dany has all of the Dothraki at her disposal now. She could just end up attacking Volantis anyways right?

    One things for sure, the unrest of the people (as part of political struggle between groups) on Dany’s side of the world is a lot more clearer than in Westeros at King’s Landing (in the show) as Roberto brought up again in the Pod.

    • Clarification

      Sorry I left a hanging sentence here. The conditions that have been building (tension between those who oppose slavery and those who don’t) have been a around for a number of episodes which is why I didn’t focus my comments on the Slavery issues. However Tyrion brought them more into the inner circle with his diplomacy, which I should have noted and registered in my score.

  2. Jon Snow and Sansa

    Fantastic point about burying whether or not Jon Snow told Sansa about being dead and then resurrected. It is unclear, although I got the impression that Jon Snow did tell Sansa otherwise when the pink letter is being delivered to him and he corrects the messenger that he is not the Lord Commander anymore, why isn’t Sansa questioning his statement?

    She knows he’s not the Lord Commander anymore and Jon mentions Castle Black was not safe for her, and that he was going to take her wherever he ended up going.

    If he still has not told her and then they have a scene in which he does tell her later in the series that would kind of a plot hole for me. That would create a situation where he was the Lord Commander and he walked away from it; which would label Jon as a deserter and they would have executed him (not just let him and Sansa go wherever.)

    My score was lowered also by this treatment of Jon’s death (with Sansa). Too nonchalent… 🙂