Later this week we begin a series of deep dive episodes, starting with one of Game of Throne’s most important historical chapters, Robert’s Rebellion. How did this landmark battle set the stage for the events that have unfolded over the past six seasons? How have the consequences of the “War of the Usurper” impacted the current state of affairs in Westeros? How will it influence the story as we enter the last two seasons of the show? Please share any questions or insights about this topic before we record later this week!

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One comment on “Feedback Post: Robert’s Rebellion

  1. Fluids Sep 30, 2016

    There is a theme of inevitable destiny in Thrones. So whether Robert’s Rebellion happened or not, Dany could end up vying for the throne and getting her Dragons from Magister Illyrio Mopatis (as a wedding present to another man other than Drogo).

    I use for my logic:

    *Cersei and the Witches prophesy: No matter what Cersei tried to do her children all died and no doubt she will lose her throne.

    *Mel’s visions: Have all in some manner come true. She may not have been right about who specific would bring about the events that have happened, however Winterfell was taken, and no doubt she will meet Arya again.

    *Three eyed Raven and Bran’s visions: Bran saw Jojen before meeting him; Bran saw the three eyed Raven before meeting him; Bran saw Cersei’s wildfire plan execute before it happened.

    There appears to be an inevitable destiny at play.

    So I guess we can say then that Robert’s Rebellion followed destiny.

    His rebellion set up the Lannisters once again in King’s Landing (after Tywin had to leave with his break with the Mad King). (Destiny to have the Lannisters in King’s Landing)
    His rebellion set up Dany over in Essos. (Destiny to have Dany develop and struggle as a leader and end up with Dragons).
    His rebellion led to the bad blood between the Martells and the Lannisters. (Destiny to have warring between the two houses).

    What do you think?